Arkhivist offers cybersecurity solutions for Smart Contracts

We safeguard asset managers, institutional investors, and DeFi protocols against financial losses resulting from protocol breaches.

Faster and Safer Smart Contract Investments

Arkhivist provides investors and institutional investors with the needed transparency and security to make faster, safer, and more profitable investment decisions, and to engage in lucrative Smart Contract offerings aligned with their risk appetite.

Arkhivist protects DeFi Protocols proactively from financial loss by providing real-time monitoring, security risk assessment, and delivering valuable post deployment insights for Smart Contracts.

Web3 Asset Managers

  • Avoid hidden security risks and pitfalls associated with investments in complex software-based Crypto assets.
  • Benefit from a pre- and post-investment decision support system based on real-time security risk data of monitored Smart Contracts.
  • Prevent financial loss stemming from malicious and risky activity on the monitored protocols.
  • Immediately assess the inherent security risk for any Smart Contract before committing funds.
  • Integrate security risk score data into your data feed to facilitate and automate investment decisions for Smart Contracts.
  • Exfiltrate funds before they are compromised based on real-time risk assessment for monitored Smart Contract investments.

DeFi Protocols

  • Deploy proactive security measures to protect against financial loss.
  • Monitor your protocol in real-time and flag malicious and risky activity.
  • Receive valuable post deployment insights for Smart Contracts.
  • Integrate real-time security risk score data into your data feed to automate incident response playbooks.
  • Benefit from faster response times to mitigate risks.
  • Experience a safer and more profitable project
  • Deploy proactive protection to safeguard invested funds and your protocol’s reputation.
  • Strengthen your financial brand and grow the trust within the investor community.

Protect your Smart Contract investments.