Arkhivist delivers a holistic real-time security solution

With all the necessary tools to analyze, monitor and mitigate Smart Contract security risks.

See What’s under the hood

Search & Policy

  • Search for any address of reference (AOR) to locate any Smart Contract
  • Promptly establish a security policy to monitor all of the Smart Contract’s activities

Wallet Onboarding

  • Seamlessly connect your wallets to our Smart Contract security platform (plug and play)
  • Automatically analyze all wallet transactions
  • Suggest policies based on wallet data analysis to monitor relevant contracts
  • Benefit from real-time protection for wallet transactions
  • Decode complex Smart Contract structures
  • Benefit from transparency and insights to flag security risks

Smart Contracts
Network Analysis

  • Automatically collect and analyze Smart Contract interactions
  • View full network analysis of all Smart Contract engagements
  • Find all inter dependencies between multiple Smart Contracts on the protocol and across different protocols
  • Drill down to examine all Smart Contract connections

Smart Contracts Events Table

  • View a real-time table of all the identified Smart Contract events related to the security policy
  • Access all Smart Contract events dating back to the genesis block
  • Use the default severity weighting per each event to continuously compute the security risk score for monitored Smart Contracts
  • Benefit from real-time protection for wallet transactions
  • Customize the baseline value for each event to compute a security risk score aligned with your risk profile

Smart Contract Risk Score

  • Receive real-time alerts about suspicious smart contract interactions
  • Assess the risk level for each Smart Contract investment
  • Receive real-time insights on the Smart Contract’s evolving risk level before and after investment
  • Accelerate investment decisions facilitated by real-time risk assessment
  • Make safer investments with the confidence that your investment are safeguarded 24/7

Notifications & API

  • Integrate Akhivist’s API to automate Smart Contract investment decisions
  • Receive real-time notifications triggered by changes to the security risk score for monitored Smart Contracts
  • Take preemptive measures to safeguard funds if the risk-level increases above the predetermined threshold

Auto-exfiltration of Funds

  • Extract funds from Smart Contracts based on real-time notifications alerting about potential security risks
  • Connect your wallet to auto-exfiltrate funds based on the Smart Contract’s real-time security risk score (roadmap)
  • Prevent financial losses and gain confidence to engage in more profitable Smart Contract opportunities

Protect your Smart Contract investments.